Environmentally friendly removals processes

There is a lot of heat on the topic of protecting the environment at the moment, and for just cause. Whilst the topic may be fashionable, and therefore easy to dismiss as posturing, it cannot be avoided that the planet is in serious trouble. The fact of the matter is that humans have been stripping the place that they live of resources and turning them in to products that damage the earth in ways that will take millions of years to heal. Whilst many say that the human race has gone too far past the brink, there is still damage prevention to be done, to ensure that things don’t get as bad as they might.

Environmentally friendly removals processes.

The difficulty with making your removals process environmentally friendly, is that it has to involve a van. Large commercial vehicles are extremely bad for the environment, as they emit toxic fumes. That said, there are ways in which you can limit the damage done by these vans. For a start, there is always carbon offsetting. This is where you pay a company to neutralize a certain amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in order that your emissions be technically neutralized. The process can be costly, and does not improve anything, but at least you will have reduced your impact in some way. There is also the case for using a more friendly vehicle in the first place. Certain petrol vans are much more efficient that diesel ones, as they use their fuel in a cleverer way, reducing fuel and upping their economy. Have a word with your removals company before you book them, to see what types of vehicles they use.

Eco-friendly removals companies are an interesting part of the removals industry. You need to check as to what they do to afford the claim in the first place, as otherwise you may be being taken on a ride. The fact of the matter is that some companies will put lots about being ‘green’ on their advertising, but will then use a couple of recycled boxes, and that will be about as far as it goes! Some companies offset their carbon emissions, and some will use eco-friendly transportation however, so it is worth asking.

Recycled boxes is a great way to ensure that you are not contributing further to deforestation and damage of the o-zone layer. You will find that there are plenty of recycled boxes available, but a good way to improve on that and save a bit of money is to cut out the middle man by recycling them yourself. The process of pulping and re-making a box will use machinery which will be powered by electricity and fossil fuels, so if you can avoid it, do so! Looking online for people who are selling or giving away boxes that they do not need is a great way to save money and the planet at the same time, so do have a look. Make sure you check the boxes that you get over before paying however, as those which have been battered will put your belongings at risk, and nothing is more wasteful than needless damage of your items!

Try to use as little bubble wrap as possible, and generally reduce your use of plastics for the move. Where you can, recycle everything, and ensure that nothing is wasted. Use the move as an opportunity to make your life all the greener in your new home with vegetable patches, and renewable energy sources.