Benefits of Self-Storage versus Moving Companies

Moving requires us to deal with a huge number of personal belongings, so much of it may not fit into your new home or office. Moving companies are, without a question, very good at what they do. There are situations, however who require a different approach to the whole moving process than what most of them can offer. This is where self-storage comes in, allowing you a degree of freedom more suitable for your needs and choices if you’re not planning on moving everything at once.

Benefits of Self-Storage versus Moving Companies

What makes the difference between a moving company and a storage facility? The answer is somewhat simple as moving companies give you a chance to move your belongings with ease at large distances, however they often do their jobs from point A to point B. When that is done and they have done their job, you have little to do with them after that. Storage facilities on the other hand offer you a long-term solution to your storage needs with their units. Some moving companies also offer excellent storage capabilities as well. The advantages and disadvantages of storage will be listed here:

The first and most obvious advantage to a storage unit is the amount of extra space you are being offered when you sign your contract. Whether you happen to be running out of space around your home or you simply need a place to put your belongings between or during a move, storage companies have you covered. The good thing about self-storage is that you can easily store things such as vehicles and boats if you don’t have the extra space in your house or garage. This type of storage can also be used by businesses as additional storage space for company-specific supplies and even archives. An added benefit of such a service is the fact that they have good security measures in place, such as cameras and alarm system alongside individual locks for each storage unit as well.

When it comes to disadvantages however, the most you would encounter is the price of your unit. For the most part, even smaller units have to be paid for with monthly fees. The larger units capable of storing vehicles and boats will naturally be more expensive than usual. Keeping that in mind is vital to operating with such services. The cheapest available option is outdoor self storage, however that leads to other issues such as your belongings being exposed to the mercy of the elements. This can have some very unpleasant effects on your possessions. If you want to protect your sensitive belongings, indoor storage is a must have. You need to also get a storage unit easily within driving distance from your new or old home so you won’t have to travel too far to obtain things.

When all is said and done, storage companies have much to offer in the way of protected facilities and very useful space, paired with a stable price tag each month that you won’t have to worry about. If you are in need of temporary or permanent storage and you don’t have the space, this option is a good and secure way to keep things on hand at all times.