Avoiding moving company scams

Lots of people avoid hiring removal companies or a man with a van for their house move because of fear of falling victim to a scam. Although it’s true that some removal services may not be what they seem, the majority of them are helpful and professional people who want to help you move house quickly and efficiently. If you’re not sure about hiring removal experts for your house move then have a read of this guide, which will teach you exactly what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to hiring removal professionals.

Avoiding moving company scams
Beginning your search
There are lots of place in which you can find removal services, from the phonebook to the internet, but be careful about where it is you do your searching! Though the internet is a valuable resource, it’s the place you’re most likely to find cowboy companies. Don’t use any removal company that you can’t find any reviews for as this is usually suspicious! Try working off of the recommendations of friends and family to ensure you’re getting the best service possible. Alternatively, try looking in your local newspaper or even for advertisements in your local post office or corner shop – these are often good places to find reliable help, especially if you’re looking for a man with a van.
Be wary of cheap prices
Although cheap prices are fantastic, sometimes they can be too good to be true! Low costs might mean that you’ll be expected to pay hidden fees such as petrol costs, or it could even be that your low costs are because you’re forgoing insurance for your belongings! Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for, and don’t choose your removal company solely based on price!
Make sure you read the fine print
Just like with everything else, it’s important that you read the fine print and any terms and conditions before you sign any documentation. Make sure you know exactly what services you can expect, what you’re being expected to pay for and anything else you might feel you want to know before moving day. This will help you to avoid hidden fees!
Don’t fall for unnecessary extras
Some removal companies might throw in some extra goodies in order to get your custom. This might be anything from discounted prices to free packing materials, but whatever it might be, make sure it’s a service that you actually want! Don’t choose your removal company based on what they can offer you – make your decision based on what you need! This will make sure you’re not over-spending on services that you might not even require!
Over-the-phone price quotes
A reliable and professional removals company will take the time and effort to visit your property before moving day to assess your removal needs. Lots of removal companies will offer you over-the-phone price quotes, and though this may seem like an efficient idea, it’s often the hallmark of an unprofessional removal company! An estimation given over the phone is likely to be inaccurate, which can mean that you’ll have to deal with a lot of extra and unwanted hassles on moving day, including having a removal vehicle that’s too small, or being expected to pay unnecessary and unexpected fees. Although it might take more time, you’re much better off finding someone who can come to your home to take a look at what you’re going to need, so avoid over-the-phone price quotes wherever possible!